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Exchange rate

An exchange rate can be specified when a currency is set to something different than the base currency in the bookkeeping.

For instance, the base currency of the "King Booking Agency" bookkeeping is EUR. When the currency for the show is set to NOK, the exchange rate defaults to the rate of today. (0.0979)

The user can modify the exchange rate in the edit view.

Why exchange rates?

The totals & statistics display information in the base currency of the bookkeeping that you select. If you work with different currencies in a bookkeeping, you need an exchange rate to combine this data.

Shows created before July 2021

As part of the July 2021 update, a feature was added to shows to allow users to specify an exchange rate. All of the shows in the system that have a foreign currency were updated with the July 2021 exchange rate. Please be adviced that this can deviate from the actual historic exchange rate.

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