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API with shows in Json format

The agency can approve events to be published for web. Once approved, the events appear within 30 minutes in the event API.

You can find the API endpoint with JSON data for your agency through the " Embed shows on your site" page, which you can use to experiment with the parameters as well.


The API takes the following parameters:

  • upcoming_limit [number of days]
    Cutoff for filtering how far shows in the future will be displayed.
  • past_limit [number of days]
    Cutoff for filtering how far shows in the past will be displayed.
  • lang [en, nl, de, es, pt]
    Localize the day, month names.
  • artistIds [system one ids]
    Filters the response by artist(s). If you want to filter for multiple artists, separate the ids by comma.
  • productionIds [system one id]
    Filters the response by production(s)
  • per_page
    The data is paginated; per_page will set how many items there are on a page.
  • page
    Data is paginated; page will set what part of the resultset is returned.


The API responds with JSON formatted data. Most values are self-explanatory, FYI:

Indicated the status of the show:

  • D = Definitive
  • C = Cancelled
  • O = Option

Node only shows when a tickets URL is specified.

Some agencies use a productions module. Events belong to a certain production.

LPT: We found the Chrome JSONView plugin a useful tool to quickly inspect JSON output.