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Sign automatically

To speed up the signing process, you can configure to automatically sign a contract (or quote) after the promoter / customer has signed. 

Automatic signature behaviour

  • An automatic signature is only placed when the sender that is selected has set to automatic signing in the Personal Settings. 
  • An automatic signature is only placed when the signing order of the eSign document is "Signer should sign first".
  • An automatic signature is placed immediately after the signer has signed.
  • A signature isn't placed when the signer signs an eSign document that is over due. In this situation the sender wil need to sign the document manually.
  • The IP address that is shown in the completed PDF, is the IP address from the location from where the sender has activated automatic signing.

Activating automatic signature

When you are logged on as an internal user in an account that has eSigning activated, you can find "eSign signature settings" in your personal settings.

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