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Invoice export

Sales data can periodically be exported from System One. This means that you can download a file with invoice data for a specific month for a specific bookkeeping. Data is by default exported using our Generic export mask. This generates an XML file with a generic schema.

Most modern accounting software offer possibilities to import information. We can develop a custom export mask to transform the data into a format that your accounting software can read.

Users need to have Invoice export permission to access the feature. A user with access to system settings can change the user permission settings.

Where can I find the invoice export?

Choose Invoice in the top menu > Invoice export from the sub menu. If you don't see the option, check if your account has sufficient permission to access the feature.

Configuration options

Click the cog wheel to access configuration options

Period number

Most accounting software will require a period number to book the invoices on.

  • Monthly: Period number will be 1 for Jan, 2 for Feb, etc.
  • Quarterly: Period number will be 1 for Jan, Feb, Mar, 2 for Apr, May Jun, etc.

Addressee key

Commonly, accounting software have an address book with the recipients of invoices. Every recipient has a unique addressee key that identifies the record.

  • Use System One ID: Every company in System One has a unique System One ID. Choose this option when you want to use this ID to be used for your export. The addressees in your accounting software will then be identified by the System One ID.
  • Use custom relation number: When you already have records in your address book in your accounting software, you can decide to follow their numbering in System One. You would take the relation numbers from the accounting software and match this with the companies in System One. When you edit a company in System One, one of the fields that you can fill out is the Custom relation number.
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