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Bookkeeping update January 2022

In preparation to various upcoming features, we have updated the bookkeeping section. When your System One account was configured before February 2022, this article is relevant to you.

You now have to associate a company with every bookkeeping. This company represents the business that "owns" the bookkeeping.

As part of the migration to this new structure, we have taken the following actions:

  • Created a company status titled "Created Jan 2022".
  • Created companies for each bookkeeping in your account (with the above status).

What should I do?

Possibly the company that was automatically created already existed in your database. In this case, you can merge the company records. There is a merge option in the detail view of the company.
Otherwise, you should edit the newly created company and complete the missing company details.
When you're done with this, you can remove the company status that was created via the System Settings.

Note: When you merging companies of artists, make sure to check the user access to the company, once you completed the merge.
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