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Unit in product

The unit in a product relates to the quantity in which a product is being sold and is only filled out when it's relevant to the product.

Examples of what you fill out in unit:

  • km
  • miles
  • hour
In many cases you can leave the unit field blank.
For instance, for products that are generally sold in a quantity of 1, as would be the case with Artist fee, Booking fee, Management fee, etc.

Example where unit is relevant

Imagine you are charging a small amount of 0.25 EUR for every km that your artist needs to travel. In this case the artist travels 85 km.

So you will add a product:

  • quantity = 85
  • unit = "km"
  • title = "Travel expense"
  • unit price = 0.25 EUR

The invoice wil display: quantity + unit + title

  • 85 km Travel expense (0.25 EUR) = 21.25 EUR