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Is there an integration with my accounting system?

At this moment there is no "out-of-the box" integration for specific accounting software available.

We provide System One to agencies in ~30 countries. Every country has various accounting software vendors. Every software has it's own integration and import methods.

There aren't enough users that are using the same accounting software to make it economically feasible for System One to develop and support a solution.

Invoice export

There is an invoice export section where you can periodically export your sales data. Depending on the possibilities of your accounting software, you could use this for importing sales data. You can find more information in the support center on this topic.

Custom work

We have developed export masks and built API integrations for several customers, that maps sales data to a file format that can be imported in the accounting software, either manually or automatically. This may be an option for you as well, depending on requirements and the technical possibilities of the accounting software.

In any case, it is custom project that is charged against our current hourly development rate. To give you an idea of the process: 

  • Step 1: Initial meeting (2 hours)
    During an online meeting, we will discuss your expectations and wishes. We will have a first look at the accounting software that you use to understand if integration is feasible in the way you'd like.
  • Step 2: Technical research (2-6 hours)
    We will look at the technical side of the accounting software. You will provide us with techical documentation or access to a technical liason to talk to. We want to understand what is possible and what we will need to build. A simple export mask can be developed with a few hours of coding, but a deep API integration can take up to weeks to develop.
    The outcome is a specification that describes what we will develop + a quote for step 3.
  • Step 3: Development (6-? hours)
    Based on the specification, we will develop custom functionality for you.
    We will need a sandbox environment of the accounting software, with your data, so we can test the features and their outcome.
  • Step 4: Launch & training (2.5 hours)
    We will publish the feature available in System One and train your team on how to use it.
  • Annual maintenance (TBC)
    We constantly work on System One, where we update libraries and optimize patters. Any custom code that is added to System One is also subject to this kind of maintenance. We will need to charge an annual maintenance fee to cover this. How much depends on the size of the project.
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