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Bookkeeping currency

You select a base currency when you set up a new bookkeeping.

Subsequently, all shows, quotes, contracts and invoices have an exchange rate that represents the conversion from the show/document currency to the bookkeeping base currency.

This exchange rate is used in reporting, accounting and data export. Changing the base currency invalidates all of the stored exchange rates and can create significant issues:

  • Historical data distortion: Switching currencies can misrepresent past transactions' values due to differing exchange rates.
  • Complexity: Transitioning historical data to a new currency is error-prone and resource-intensive.

Can I change the base currency?

Once you start using the bookkeeping, you cannot change the currency of a bookkeeping. The correct solution in most cases is probably to create a new bookkeeping.

Need help?

Should you require assistance despite the aforementioned risks, please contact support to discuss your situation. We may be able to help by programmatically transforming data.

Please note, this service exceeds our regular free support and will incur charges for custom development work.

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