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Frequently Asked Questions on pricing

We strive to provide our service under comprehensive terms without surprises or hidden fees. We pride ourself in the fact that many of the businesses that we onboard, remain customer for life :-)

What service are included at the start of my subscription?

  • We will help you to configure your account to match your workflow as closely as possible.
  • We will help you with the set up of 2 document templates (1 contract template, 1 invoice template).
  • We provide a free online training of up to 2 hours at the start of your subscription. 

Is your helpdesk free or charge?

Yes, you can ask questions by mail to our support team. You can also find dozens of support articles in our support center.

I would like an additional training course

We can provide additional online training courses. A training course of 90 minutes is EUR 150,00. Contact our support team to schedule a training course.

How many accounts can I create for artists and crew members?

You can create as many accounts as you want. With this account, artists and crew can view their show data and itinerary. 

What are the payment options for my subscription?

You can pay by automatic SEPA debit or by credit card.

Can System One set up additional document templates for me?

There are all the tools in System One for users to maintain document templates by themselves. However, it is also possible to have us work on your templates. This service is charged at EUR 80,- per hour. 

Custom development

System One has many setting and configuration features. With this, users can change the configuration of System One themselves and don't need any custom development help for such things. 

Custom development is generally only done in exceptional situation. For example, when processing a data file or building an exotic API integration. Over 90% of our clients don't need any custom development work done.

The rate for custom development is €200,00 per hour.

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