Address formatting

Every country has their own rules on how to write an address. In the past, every address in our application was formatted the same way. This could be a bit strange for some users since the address was not arranged to their countries’ standards.

We developed a Smart Address Formatting Engine™ (SAFE™), which knows about the standards of the country and arranges the layout of its address accordingly.

How to use the formatted address in documents

We introduced two new merge fields that can be used to insert the formatted address in document templates:

  • «RelFullAddress» Inserts the formatted address on multiple lines.
  • «RelFullAddressCS» Inserts the formatted address on a single line. Elements are separated by comma.

What is the difference between countries?

Maybe you wonder what all this fuss is about. Let's have a quick look at examples from two different countries:

Address in Germany: Agentur GmbH
Grüner Weg 6
61169 Friedberg
Address in Brazil: Agência S.A.
Rua Carlos Machado 133
Barra da Tijuca
Rio de Janeiro - RJ
CEP 22.775-042

Note how the postal code in a German address is on the same line as the name of the city, while the Brazilian postal code (CEP) is printed on a new line, after the city. Another difference is that the Brazilian address has the 2 letter code of the state displayed, after a dash (-), which the German address doesn't have.

SAFE™ deals with all address specifics and makes your documents look professional.

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