Link logistics to a show and export an itinerary

Planning a tour can be challenging. A proper tour is organized with minute-to-minute precision; every detail needs to be arranged in advance.

System One provides infrastucture to plan the logistics for tours and share it with the various parties involved. The schedule is organized in different appointments, like flights, train journeys and ground transport. These travel appointments are displayed in the monthplanner, the yearplanner, and in the mobile app.

Connecting to a show

Since the latest update, you can link logistics to a specific show. This means that the itinerary with flights, ground transport and train travel taking place around an event is visible in one single view.

The screenshot below displays the new panel in the show page.

Show logistics in a custom per-show-itinerary

Many artists like to receive all related information about a booking in one single PDF. Often with specific wishes about the content and layout of this PDF itinerary.

We have improved our existing templating so you can include linked travel items to a custom per-show-itinerary template with the use of mergefields. You can create Word and PDF files from the show page with exactly the layout that you desire.

Template example:

Example of the export:

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