Select states in a list

The address book functionality has been improved. When entering an address the state will automatically be displayed in a dropdown form. By replacing the textbox we ensure more consistency in the registered address data.


We began this process with creating a database that contains all states for all countries worldwide; quite a job! It's possible to review this information. Go to System settings > Overviews.


Registering states in a text field can lead to discrepancies in names. For example "California" vs. "CA". This new functionality not only prevents this from happening, it also makes searching for companies from a specific state a lot more efficient.

New filter

To be able to search and select based on this new information we have created a filter, making it possible to search by region, country, state or city. You can find the new filter in the selection tool for companies and contacts.

Converting existing addresses

Since there are already thousands of addresses registered in System One, we have created a special program to convert the existing input. This program searches for a similar state to that what the users registered themselves. When it cannot find a match, it automatically makes a little note to it.

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