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Shows aren't appearing on my website

Read this step-by-step troubleshooting guide when shows don't appear/dissapear on our website as you would expect.

Q1: The show doesn't appear?
A1: Did you set the publication status to "Publish to website"? There is another support article on how to do this

Q2: The show doesn't appear after I change the publication status?
A2: It can take up to 1 hour for changes to appear in our API feed / embed code. This is because the data is cached.

Q3: The show has no artist linked to it. Will it appear?
A3: No, shows need to have an artist linked to it.

Q4: The show is cancelled. Will it appear?
A4: No, shows that are cancelled will not appear.

Q5: The show appears in the "Embed your show" configuration wizard, but not on my site?
A5: Please contact the webdeveloper that has built the website.

Q6: The show still doesn't appear
A6: If you went over all the possible solutions, contact System One support with a description of the show date / artist that you would expect to appear.

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