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Bookkeeping code

You define a 3-letter code when you set up your bookkeeping.

This code is unique to the bookkeeping, which becomes relevant when you have multiple bookkeepings.

The bookkeeping code is part of a unique number that appears on documents, like quotes, contracts and invoices. Changing the code for the bookkeeping causes the numbers on existing documents to change too. 

Changing document numbers isn't considered good practice:

  • Regulatory compliance: Laws often require sequential invoice numbering to prevent fraud.
  • Client confusion: Modifying numbers post-send-off can lead to discrepancies with info your clients already received.
  • Internal clarity: Adjustments post-distribution can confuse your accounting.

Can I change the code?

Once you start using the bookkeeping, you cannot change the code. The correct solution in most cases is probably to create a new bookkeeping.

Need help?

Should you require assistance despite the aforementioned risks, please contact support to discuss your situation. We may be able to help by programmatically transforming data.

Please note, this service exceeds our regular free support and will incur charges for custom development work.