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PDFs that need to be signed

An eSign document is created from one or multiple PDFs that need to be signed.

These PDFs are merged into 1 single document that is to be signed.  

Where do I start? 

You can add PDF files from different sources.

  • From template: this button opens a dialog where a PDF can be generated.  The dialog also offers an option to download a Word version.
  • From storage: this button opens a dialog where one or multiple PDFs can be selected that have previously been uploaded to System One.
  • Upload: this button opens the file explorer for uploading PDFs from the computer.

Ordering of files

Files can be dragged up and down to change the order of appearance in the final document.

Preview document

You can open a viewer in your browser to see the final document you will send to the signatories.


  • The maximum file size is 5Mb. This limitation exists so we can guarantee optimal processing speed.
  • Maximum 10 PDFs can be added per document.
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