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Something doesn't show up in my iCalendar feed

There are a number of things you want to check when you have problems with an iCalendar feed.


Is the correct calendar enabled?
When you have many different calendars make sure that the right calendar is enabled.


Are the settings in System One correct?
Every individual feed has settings to filter what you receive.
You can access them via personal settings > iCalendar feeds.

If you don't see any cancelled shows in your iCalendar feed, this is because of the settings of your iCalendar feed.


Have you waited at least 2 hours?
It can take some time for changes in System One to appear in your ICalendar client.


Is your iCalendar client actually refreshing?
There can be several reasons It happens that your device is subscribed to a feed that no longer exists in System One, or perhaps the device settings are incorrect, so the feed is not refreshing.

The most thorough thing to do is to remove all the subscriptions from your device and subscribe again.

Check the related articles for instructions on how to do this on your device.

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