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What is advancing?

Advancing is System One's productivity tool to collect information required to complete a booking. It helps agencies to collaborate with external stakeholders like promoters, tour managers, and travel agents.

How to get started?


First things first! You might want to have a look at advancing templates first (via template settings > advancing templates) because this is where you decide what info you show & require in your advancing request.


You send an advancing request from the Advancing panel on the detail page of a show. The invitee receives an email with a link to a form where he can fill out the information that you require.

Wait for the other party to provide information. When new information is received, the show appears in the Advancing panel with a purple icon that indicates how many pieces of information are provided.

Approve or decline the provided information in a dialog that you open from the advancing panel.


Any items you decline are given back to the person who submitted them, so he/she can make a correction. You iterate from step 3 on until all info is complete.

Suggestion: Why don't you try to send a request to a friend or colleague to get acquainted with advancing?

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