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Add a booking request form to your site

You can place a booking request form on the website of your agency or artist. Promoters use this form to make booking requests. These requests arrive within the System One environment. You can find an example here.

The styling and content of the booking request form are configurable. Let's go over some features:

Note: only users with access to the Booking request form can access the maintenance module.

Go to More > Web development > Booking request form to see a list of all forms available in your account.

If you click on the name of the booking request, you can access the configuration page for the booking request.

Customizing labels & form elements

Through the maintenance module you can modify several descriptive labels.

You can hide form elements, or make their input mandatory.

Apply a different styling

You can add inline CSS , to match the styling of your website.

Integrate the booking request form

There are two ways to integrate the form in your website.

  1. Open the booking request form as a link from your page.
  2. Embed the booking request form in an iframe.

In the maintenance module you can set the Page mode and find some developer information.

Configure which artists are shown

You can decide which artists appear in the booking request form. Add artists by clicking the New button. Delete artists by selecting the bin icon. 

Tip: Display a BOOKING REQUEST button with every artist profile on your website. Use the link that shows per artist in the screenshot above.

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