Centro de soporte

Support & security

When we provide support via Zoom or phone, we have several policies in place to make sure your data is secure.

  • We verify the identity of the person requesting support and ensure they have access to their user account. No support will be given when the user cannot sign in to their account, for instance because they don't have their credentials or when the account is deactivated.
  • We only provide support to features that the user can access in their user account. When we share our screen, we cannot show any data from the application the user has no permissions to.
  • Under NO circumstances will we change data in the acounts of our clients. In particular this concerns the chaning of user permissions. If a person asks for this, we will always point them to the relevant system admin of the agency.

Pro tip

When you are the system admin for your agency, it's wise to periodically check if the permissions & access for your users are up-to-date.

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