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Staff change

When a new team member replaces another team member that leaves your agency, he or she needs an internal user account. Although it is possible to reuse an existing user account by changing the name and email address, we strongly advise to deactivate the account of the departing team member and create a new account for the new team member.

Note: Only users with System Settings rights can make changes to user accounts.

Why not rename?

You will find record information in many places in System One. The name and date of the user that created or last modified an item is displayed here. When you rename an account for a new staff member, this historical information will be incorrect, because you overwrite the name of the person that leaves the agency.

What is the renaming feature for?

An system administrator can change the first and last name of a user in the System Settings. This should only be done to correct spelling mistakes, or when the users name changes due to marriage for example.

Will any data of the departing staff member be deleted?

No data will be deleted from System One when you deactivate an user account. Ownership of companies, contacts, bookings and documents and open tasks can be transferred to the new or another user.(See the below article)

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