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What fonts can be used in document templates

When you download a PDF from System One, this file is generated on the server.

Fonts that you use in your Word template need to be available on our server.

If your font is not available on our server, a replacement is automatically chosen. This might mess with your layout.

What fonts are installed on your system?

We have an overview of installed fonts here.

My font is not installed?

Our suggestion is to look at replacing your font with a look-a-like that is already installed. Also have a look at Google fonts. These fonts can be installed on our server.

Can you install my fonts if I send you the file?


My font is installed, but it's not working?

Make sure that the name of your font matches our installed font.

Mac users: It can happen that the installed font on Windows has a slightly different name than the Mac version and is therefor not recognized. Consider designing/uploading your document templates from Word on Windows.