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Create partial credit note

This support article is explaining how to make a partial credit for an invoice. If you want to credit the full amount on an existing invoice, check out below the Create credit note for full amount article.
Navigate to an invoice from where you want to credit something and click Create credit in the Options panel.
The "Create credit page opens. Deselect products that you don't want to credit. It is possible you deselect all products and add another product to credit in the next step.

It's likely that you don't want to create balance payments immediately, for instance, because you deselected all products, or because you want to change the amounts. In this case turn off balance immediately.
Click the Save button to create a new document. You are redirected to the new invoice. Assuming that you didn't copy any products in Step 2, the invoice will have no products.
In the products panel click New to open the product edit screen
In the New product screen you can add a product and set a negative amount. Click Save when you're done.
The Products panel will now look like this.
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