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I can't find my data

Every now and again someone calls System One in blind panic, claiming to have been hacked or about a bug that's made their data disappear.
Fortunately, neither of these gloomy scenarios has ever happened. The problem always involved some oversight of a setting, or some change made by some unwitting team member.

So before we start a full investigation, please go through the missing data checklist.

Missing data checklist

1. Is the bookkeeping visible?
A bookkeeping is assigned in all shows and documents. When a bookkeeping is disabled, the shows & documents with this bookkeeping are no longer be visible.
You can find bookkeeping in System settings > Bookkeepings.

2. Does the user have access to the bookkeeping?
A bookkeeping is assigned in all shows and documents. In the settings of the bookkeeping, you can set which user has access to see the data in the bookkeeping.
You can find bookkeeping in System settings > Bookkeepings.

3. Does the user have access to the artist?
By default, each internal user has access to all artists. Access to shows and related documents can be limited per user for an artist.
You can find this setting in System settings > Internal users > User account.

4. Did you clear all filters?
When certain data is not visible in a list view, make sure that you have cleared all the filters.

5. Did a colleague change something?
Communicate with your team members to see if they have made any modifications. As logical as this may seem, in our experience 9/10 times data "disappears" because team members deleted or changed it.
A good place to check is also the User action log.

The checklist should be verified by a user that has access to system settings.

Next step: Investigation

If you haven't solved the issue after going though the checklist, we will need a missing data report, answering the following:

  • Give the username of the user who is experiencing the problem.
  • Can other users see the data, or is it not visible for anyone?
  • Describe the missing data. For instance, if you think shows are missing; tell us the show date, name of the artist, names of the promoters and venues. It helps us to have more information.
  • When was the last date / time when you are certain the data was there.
We are happy to help you, but investigating missing data issues takes a lot of time as we need to locally restore databases and compare data. So please be ABSOLUTELY SURE that you are not overlooking some easy-to-spot mistake.