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Import my existing contacts

Yes! If your data is structured, there is a good chance we can import your existing address book into System One.

Most of our clients gathered information in a database during the time before they switched to us. In the past years, we've imported enormous databases with multiple linked tables and simple excel sheets with a few columns.

It's the job of our IT team to analyse your data and write, test & execute code to map it into our structure.

We're happy to review your database and advise you on possibilities and costs.


Hourly rate
The development rate for 2023 is €200,- per hour.

Price estimation
It's not possible to determine a price, without reviewing the data first. To give a rough idea: many simple address imports take 2 to 4 hours. When there is more complex data, like show data or flights, the duration of the project is generally longer. Don't hestitate to send us your data to review.

Number of records
From a development point of view, the number of records in your file don't affect the time needed to write code that maps and transfers the data. It takes the same amount of time to import 100 or 50.000 records.

How to deliver?

We have some tips on how you can deliver your contacts database.

Note: Make sure to show us your database before investing time in modifying your data. We might have suggestions to save you time.

What format should I use?
We can handle different formats, but an Excel sheet (.xlxs) works fine for us.

Can I deliver my data in multiple Excel tabs or in multiple files?
It's more cost efficient if you combine information into as few tabs/files possible.
For instance, if you have an Excel sheet that has two tabs with promoters and venues, try combining them, adding an extra column that describes the type of row: venue or promoter.

Can you give an example of what columns my file should have?
An Excel sheet can have the following columns:

  • CompanyType
    e.g. promoter/venue
  • CompanyName
  • CompanyAddressLine1
  • CompanyAddressLine2
  • CompanyPostalCode
  • CompanyCityName
  • CompanyStateName
  • CompanyCountryName
  • CompanyWebsite
  • CompanyVatNumber
  • CompanyGeneralPhone
  • ContactFirstName
  • ContactLastName
  • ContactGender
    e.g. male/female
  • ContactEmail
  • ContactMobile
  • ContactPosition
  • ContactBirthDate

Every import is a custom process. If you have data that doesn't fit this example, discuss with us!