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Domain authentication

Users can send emails from System One, where they can specify their own name & email as the sender.

In this example we sent an email from bartho@king-artists.com from the domain king-artists.com, which has not been authenticated yet.

Recently, companies such as Google & Microsoft have taken measures against emails that are sent via other domains. A recipient might see the following message.

How do I get my domain authenticated?

A domain is authenticated by adding information to the DNS record of your domain. Please send an email to support@systemonesoftware.com with the email address of the person who can modify the DNS record of your domain. We will setup authentication for your domain and email instructions to this person. If you don't know who can change your DNS records, ask the person who made your website.

I don't use the email function from System One

Besides the fact that you might be missing out on some workflow optimization, we strongly recommend that you go through the trouble of getting your domain verified, as we will be rolling out more features in the future that rely on emailing from System One.

How do I know whether my domain is authenticated?

When sending an email from System One to a Gmail account, you can bring up the following information by clicking on the little arrow upon opening the email in Gmail.

An email sent from System One to a successfully authenticated domain will look something like this:

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