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Approve booking requests

You can place a booking request form on the website of your agency or artist. Promoters use this form to make booking requests. These requests arrive within the System One environment.

When a promoter fills out a booking request

  • You will get an email
  • You receive a notification in the top menu
  • The booking request shows up in the dashboard
  • A preliminary show is created in the calendar

How to validate the input

Depending on the configuration of your booking request form there will be

  • The promoter company / contact
  • The venue company / contact

You will need to validate these by:

  • Merging with an existing record
  • Add to database
  • Delete

You can also edit the information with the pencil icon:Once you validated the promoter & venue company / contact, click Edit in the Options menu.

After you finished checking the details in the show edit screen, click  Save to finalize the validation.

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