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How to use the availability check

The availability check can be used to create a list of available dates for your artists. This list can be used in proposals to a promoter.

Go to Planning > Availability.

First, select the dates in the calendar for which you want to check the availability.

After selecting the dates:

  • You will get a list with artists and their available dates.
  • Dates on which the artist has confirmed shows are not selected and have a red color.
  • Other dates are selected and show a blue color.

In the right panel the selection is shown:

You can copy the dates to the clipboard and paste it in an email.

How to change the selection?

You can override a selection by clicking on the left part of the date, for instance; when you want to include the 3rd of March for Arcade Fire and exclude the 4th March.

Becomes then:

How does the system determine availability?

In System One, every show has 3 possible statuses:

Confirmed shows:
When there is a confirmed show, that day will be shown as unavailable (red).

Option shows:
By default, when there is an option, that day will be shown as available and will be selected.
However, when you want days with options to be treated as not available, click this checkbox.

Cancelled shows:
Cancelled shows are ignored. When there is a cancelled show on a day, the day will be available.

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