Booking request form

The booking agency can create a form without any effort at all. The unique link to the webpage of the form can be implemented by a web developer on both the website of the bookings agency as well as the artist’s site. This way, all information is directly being transferred to System One, where further action regarding the booking can be taken.

Customized web forms

The web form is located in the ‘system settings’ section. Users can select which fields they want to use in the form: in addition to this, there is a setting to make any field mandatory when this is to be desired.

Personal layout

The web form can be integrated into a website by your web developer. The lay-out of the web form can be customized through a Cascade Style Sheet (CSS) in order to match the style of the website.

New bookings

New booking requests appear on the dashboard in System One. Because all information related to the booking will be entered into System One at the same time, the user will be able to process the request in an efficient manner.

Merge data

The booking will contain the company details of the promoter and the venue. It is possible that the booking agency might have saved these details in System One during previous use. Once the booking gets approved, System One will automatically compare the filled in details and match these with the existing database. The user can either merge, or register it as new data.

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