About System One

System One makes essential software for artist booking agencies managing some of the best musical talent around the world. In just 12 years System One has grown to become a market leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) to artist booking agencies. The software streamlines every aspect of artist booking, making life easier for booking agents and artists. Now System One expanding into new markets across Europe, North-America, South-America and Australia.

System One was founded by two former musicians who are deeply passionate about the music industry. After seeing artist agencies working with paper calendars and a clutter of Word files, they knew it could be better. The initial concept of a user friendly back-end tool found traction with many agencies and has since grown to be a richly featured solution. The day-to-day client contact is exceptionally pleasant and informal, resulting in a development road map that's inspired by the actual needs of artists and agencies. System One's development has always and continues to focus on high-quality, user friendly tools that work and are awesome.

How we work

We are all about our customers. Building long lasting relationships with them, based in mutual trust and respect, is what we value the most. We pay obsessive attention to details and do not cut corners in the pursuit of top quality.
We prefer to work instead of talking about working. So the members of our team are more likely to be found typing away than at boring, endless meetings. However, we are are there for each other when we need an answer, a helping hand or a good joke.
Basically we each work in our own terms and take ownership in the results and we allow/ expect you to do the same. If this seems appealing we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Open positions

Speculative job applications

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