Manage a guest list

Organizing guest lists has become more time consuming. In response to changing event security requirements, organisers are beginning to require more than just a “plus one” before accepting people onto guest lists. For example, many clubs now require the full name of each guest, where some festivals even require the guest's passport number prior to the event.

For agents and managers, additional requirements mean additional time spent coordinating guest lists for your artist's shows. Using a tool to manage guest list information will save you time and reduce hassle.

You can now create and share guest lists using System One

In response to these changes, the System One team developed a tool to help organise guest lists.

Work more efficient

This tool saves time by helping you to:

  • Create custom guest lists which meet the requirements of event organisers
  • Input information about guests
  • Export the guest list into a spreadsheet to share it
  • Maintain a record of previous guest lists for future reference

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